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Affiliate Terms

How Our Affiliate System Works?

You can become a Tile Supply Ltd affiliate quickly and easily through our own custom affiliate program by clicking on the affiliate link in the footer of any of our websites.

You can add a link to any of Tile Supply Ltd.’s products from your website, blog etc , when this link is clicked it will take the visitors to the product on one of our websites. If the visitor purchases one or more of our products within 7 days, you will earn a commission of the total sale value.

Why join our affiliate program?

Tile Supply Ltd offers a huge range of tiles to suit all your tilling needs, from wall tiles and floor tiles to kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles for the trade or DIY. We offer tiles at affordable prices; we have a huge range of tiles available in a large selection of designs and colours. To find a full list of all the products we sell you can request a product RSS/FEED from one of our customer service team members once your account has been approved.

Our commission structure starts from 3%, with monthly rewards on offer for our top performing affiliates.

How To Join

Tile Supply Ltd has a fully custom affiliate program built into each of our websites. Our custom program will give you real time information of how much you have earned to the minute. It will also give you a full breakdown of how much you have earned on each order.

To join all you need to do is click on the affiliate link in the footer  and fill in your details and then your account will be reviewed by a member of Tile Supply Ltd and once your account has been approved you will then be able to start posting links and earing commission on every order placed with Tile Supply Ltd from the customers you have sent to us, it’s that easy.

We look forward to working with you.

Terms and Conditions

1. Paid Search Activity (PPC):

Affiliates may not bid on or use any Tile Supply Ltd trademarks to gain preferential listings on Search Engines, Directories or any other kind of online database.

2. Keyword Bidding (Terms):

2A. Publishers are NOT permitted to use any of Tile Supply Ltd trading names or slogans/terms, including misspells and other variants to gain preferential listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines.

It is the responsibility of the publisher to seek the advice from Tile Supply Ltd customer service team, if they are in doubt.

3. Display URLs:

3A. Publishers are NOT permitted to use any of the terms 'Tile Supply, Tile Deals' in their display URL's in any text ad, for example:
' or’
' or’
' or’
' or’

3B. Publishers are NOT permitted to use misspellings, or upper / lower case variants.

4. Landing Pages:

4A. All clicks must first land on the publisher's site and the user must click from the publisher's site or links to or
4B. Clicks can land directly on or
as long as the URL’s are not masked or have any overlays, as this is not permitted.

5. Outbidding:

5A. You must not display PPC adverts that appear in a higher position than those from Tile Supply’s own PPC Campaigns. If adverts placed by you outrank adverts from a Tile Supply Ltd campaign, you should immediately lower the CPC bid upon Tile Supply’s request.

6 Email Marketing Campaigns:

Email marketing campaigns must be submitted to Tile Supply Ltd customer service for approval.

7 Disputed Transactions:

7A. Affiliates must raise commission queries via email to within seven days of an expected payment date.

7B. Commission validation time periods may vary depending upon a customers selected delivery date. Affiliates are encouraged to email Tile Supply Ltd regarding any queries about an order / commission validation.

7C. Commission On Cancelled Orders
No commission will be paid on any order cancelled within 7 working days of the customer receiving the order. This is due to the distance selling regulations.

7D. Receiving Commission Payments
Commission payments will be made on the 25th of every months, via BACS or PayPal. Please note that commission will be added to your account once the order has passed the distance selling regulations cooling off period of 7 working days from the date of delivery. After this point the funds will be added to your account and will be paid to your bank or PayPal account on the 25th of every month.

8 Spamming Links or Emails
Anyone found to be sending spam mail with any information relation to Tile Supply Ltd or posting links on black listed websites that cause damage to Tile Supply Ltd will be liable for any financial loss that Tile Supply Ltd suffer.

Please note that we may take legal action that is required to recover these losses.
If we have to get a 3rd party to chase these payments on our behalf, then there will be a further £250+vat and an extra 20% of the total amount added to the original bill.

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